A beautiful four-storey house was converted for a busy professional couple, whose brief was to redesign the whole ground floor area.

As the open plan space was to be used by our clients and their visitors, day or night the brief was to design the room in such a way that the bedroom, kitchen and laundry area could be easily accessed but also be hidden, making the space a comfortable lounge and a casual dining area.

The original cramped hallway was opened up to provide a dramatic entrance for guests on arrival.

The bedroom area was cleverly designed using a wall bed housed within walnut panels, with a wardrobe area to the left and open shelving to the right.

When not in use, the area is disguised as a sleek panelled wall.

The laundry and kitchen areas work in much the same way providing everything a guest would need.

A shower room was also designed, making use of the space under the stairs completing the perfect self-contained space.

The first floor balcony was renovated so that the couple could safely barbecue for their friends and family.